Ubuntu 22.04: failing to build pdf due to makeindex -s python.ist

I try to build the pdf version of the documentaation using Ubuntu 22.04, texlive schema basic. I installed all the missing styles and the procedure get close to final but I get

Running 'makeindex -s python.ist  -o "aprieoe10.ind" "aprieoe10.idx"'
Index style file python.ist not found.

The file python.ist IS in the folder where building happens and if I use

makeindex -s ./python.ist  -o "aprieoe10.ind" "aprieoe10.idx"

it manages to build. What am I getting wrong in my install? Is there any path I need to specify?

Thanks a lot,

  • makeindex -s python.ist -o ... works for me. I don’t know how to reproduce the problem.


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