Unable to open database file in sqlite3 in Python

I am working on an application in python that shows Brave browser history. I have located the file which contains it and when I try to open the database I keep getting the error: sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file Would be great if it told you why. I’ve looked at a few posts of … Read more

tengo error key 0 en una dinámica para subirla a Google [closed]

Closed. This question is not written in English. It is not currently accepting answers. Stack Overflow is an English-only site. The author must be able to communicate in English to understand and engage with any comments and/or answers their question receives. Don’t translate this post for the author; machine translations can be inaccurate, and even … Read more

Why is nothing drawn in PyGame at all?

i have started a new project in python using pygame and for the background i want the bottom half filled with gray and the top black. i have used rect drawing in projects before but for some reason it seems to be broken? i don’t know what i am doing wrong. the weirdest thing is … Read more

Should I use client component or server component?

I have an api endpoint /api/menu.js I want to get menu from api and when i hover over an item, i want to get submenu now my question is that I am confused between using server or client component and also if the menu and submenu should be loaded together or just the menu and … Read more

I want to extract all JSON objects from this text file and create a dictionary. As you can see, in my text there are nested objects as a key value

text = Autotune exists! Hoorah! You can use microbolus-related features. {“iob”:0.121, “activity”:0.0079, “basaliob”:-1.447, “bolusiob”:1.568, “netbasalinsulin”:-1.9, “bolusinsulin”:6.5, “time”:”2022-12-25T21:17:45.000Z”, “iobWithZeroTemp”: {“iob”:0.121, “activity”:0.0079, “basaliob”:-1.447, “bolusiob”:1.568, “netbasalinsulin”:-1.9, “bolusinsulin”:6.5, “time”:”2022-12-25T21:17:45.000Z”}, “lastBolusTime”:1671999216000, “lastTemp”: {“rate”:0, “timestamp”:”2022-12-25T23:56:14+03:00″, “started_at”:”2022-12-25T20:56:14.000Z”, “date”:1672001774000, “duration”:22.52}} # Regular expression pattern to match nested JSON objects pattern = r'(?<=\{)\s*[^{]*?(?=[\},])’ matches = re.findall(pattern, text) parsed_objects = [json.loads(match) for match in matches] … Read more

Right-Aligned Columns in Bootstrap 5

How can I put my columns on the right side of the screen in Bootstrap 5? I tried using order-sm-last and order-sm-2, but neither of those worked. <div class=“col-sm-4 bg-warning order-sm-last” style=“height: 600px”></div> I can’t use CSS. Interesting. You say you can’t use CSS, yet you have inline styles in your example. So… you obviously … Read more

c# CustomCheckAttribute

How can I write a custom attribute that targets whatever property it is attached to and that checks the logic of the boolean expression? If the check is false I want the setter method to fail. Example implementation: public class CheckAttribute : Attribute { public CheckAttribute(int checkvalue, Operation op) { int val = 0; System.Linq.Expressions.Expression … Read more

Sample code for zebra scanner SDK gives syntax errors

I’m trying to learn the zebra scanner SDK and have everything set up for it in visual studio, but the sample code given within the documentation gives the error “Error CS1752 Interop type ‘CCoreScannerClass’ cannot be embedded. Use the applicable interface instead.” the code I’m trying to use is using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; … Read more