Gaming Boosts Our Productivity and Advancement, and Here’s How

People are used to considering gaming activities as something harmful without noticing the obvious benefits of this activity. The game seems just a pleasant way to escape from the routine and have a good time, but these are far from all the advantages of such a pastime.  Scientists regularly conduct numerous studies on the effects … Read more

E-sports and its Ever Growing Vastness

The Covid pandemic may have stunted the growth of many businesses worldwide but as far as e-sports is concerned, it hardly scratched its surface. The one advantage esports has over the majority of other sports is that it is contactless (at least with other players) and only requires a good internet connection, a console, and … Read more

The Business Metaverse and the Future of Work – UK 2023

A working place of the metaverse. Is online work here just to stay? Many professionals generally agree. Technological advancements have made it possible for us to encounter vr technology in ways that were previously only envisioned in fiction. Because of this, seamless workstations have indeed been created, allowing us to work from any part of … Read more