Some people say it is bad to update graphics card regularly . Is the statement true ? As I am getting multiple bugs

Some of my friends says its not good update graphics regularly as new update can have some bugs that can damage your system hardware . Is it True ?
Some of the update gets bugs and glitches. Some of the bugs are given below

Updated the graphics card again ,restarted and updated my windows. Still I find glitches and window stutters and automatic change in brightness, brightness ups and downs regularly. Some of the game setting gets reset. Some startup issues, Can’t boot my laptop sometimes and getting some pink white color on the screen.

My System Specs–
Laptop – ASUS TUF DASH F15
Windows 10 Home Single
Processor– Intel I5-11300H @3.10GHZ
Graphics Card- Nvidia RTX 3050
VRAM–4 Gigabytes
RAM–16 Gigabytes

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