Configuration file missing for a network adapter on CentOS 7 [closed]

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How to fit an folium map into a div

I want to load a map created with folium into a site that is served by flask. A Javascript function fetches the map from Flask and inserts it into a div. My Problem is that the map is way larger than the div. How can i make the map fit inside the div? I already … Read more

Rust cargo build fails when I depend on r2r and opencv

I am trying to track an object with opencv and publish the center of rectangle to a ROS topic in Rust. My Cargo.toml looks like this: [package] name = “test_package” version = “0.1.0” edition = “2021” # See more keys and their definitions at [dependencies] opencv = “0.86.1” r2r = “0.8.0” when I cargo … Read more

React Hook form not submitting login credentials next auth

The problem here is that when i try to login with email and password,I dont see any request on the network in the browser.I tried the same pattern with server action of next js 14 .It works but it does not work with next auth. export type InputsSignIn = z.infer<typeof userSchema>; export const SigninForm = … Read more

Is it possible to optimize a function with discrete variables in `mealpy`?

I have been working with the mealpy Python library for quite some time– the repository of around 200 metaheuristic algorithms including GA, DE, ACO, PSO, …authored by Nguyen Van Thieu, alias thieu1995. However, working with discrete variables (particularly categoric variables in the form of strings, or integer variables) remains a nightmare. Variables have to be … Read more

Automatically update a field after having filled another field

I’m very new to Strapi and I’m a self-taught developer, so please bear with me if it’s not a very intelligent question. I’m on Strapi v4.15.4 (node v20.8.0) and I have an article collection type with 3 numeric attributes number1, number2 and total. What I’m trying to do is to automatically update the total attribute, … Read more

Json data from a HTML Data Attribute not being picked up in a React TSX file

I am trying to utilize the Preline UI’s password toggle component but it is not working, the components looks like this: “use client” import React, { ChangeEvent, MouseEventHandler, useEffect } from “react”; export default function TogglePass() { useEffect(() => { import(‘preline’) }) return (<> {/* Form Group */} <div className=”max-w-sm”> <label className=”block text-sm mb-2 dark:text-white”>Password</label> … Read more

How to publish Maui iOS in VS Code

I’ve developed an iOS app in .Net Maui using VS Code. Now I want to upload a build of my app to TestFlight. I already have the app set up in App Store connect and I see the location to submit a build to TestFlight but I have no idea how to generate an ipa … Read more