Getting Bad Request with a large url

I’m receveing a Bad Request when i call a large url. https://localhost:44320/RespostaEmail/96635/750396/[%7B%22IdItem%22:8,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:1,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:3,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:2,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:5,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:7,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:10,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:4,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:6,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D,%7B%22IdItem%22:9,%22IdTipoReposta%22:80%7D] I redirect to this url when i call this function in javascript function responder(idDivergencia, numGF, dia, mes, ano) { let observacao = $(‘#observacao’).val(); if (observacao.trim() == ”) { abrirDialogAlertaMensagem(‘Informe uma observação para visualizar a tela de resposta.’); return; } while (observacao.indexOf(“”) != -1) … Read more

emmake: error: unable to find library -lTKernel

guys! I am trying to use emmake to compile a project containing OpenCascade api. When I used cmake .. and make commands, everying works fine! Note that I already installed OpenCascade on my machine. My CMakeLists.txt is as follow: cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.0.0 FATAL_ERROR) project(LessonOCAF CXX) find_package(OpenCASCADE) include_directories(SYSTEM ${OpenCASCADE_INCLUDE_DIR}) add_executable(LessonOCAF main.cpp ) foreach(LIB ${OpenCASCADE_LIBRARIES}) target_link_libraries(LessonOCAF debug … Read more

getStaticProps not sending data to page in Next.js

I’m trying to figure out why my getStaticProps is not sending any data. When I log the Home page props, it shows posts as undefined. I’m new to Next.js Here’s my code export async function getStaticProps() { const response = await fetch(“”) const data = response.json() return { props: { data }, } } export … Read more

Python – POST request returning 401 response

I am trying to send a POST request to api url ‘’ to login but each time I send the request I am getting 401 (Unauthorized) response although I am sending the request with proper credentials but stuck at 401. How can I solve this 401 error an get 200 response code from the server? … Read more

pyspark.errors.exceptions.captured.analysisexception: org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastor.api InvalidObjectException : Unknown operator “!=”

Using AWS-EMR 6.12.0, pyspark3.4.0 and python3.8 Longer error message: pyspark.errors.exceptions.captured.analysisexception: org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastor.api InvalidObjectException : Unknown operator “!=” (Service:= AWSGlue: Status Code : 400)” when happens when running df.write.mode(“append”).format(“hive”).partitionBy(*list_of_cols).saveAsTable(“<database>.<table>) Guess is that operation that is done to df contains ‘!=’ operation such as df_b = df_z.groupBy([‘key’]).agg(F.count(F.when(F.col(“col_a”) != 1, F.col(“col_b”)).otherwise(F.lit(0))) df = df_a.join(df_b, [‘key’], ‘left’) What are some … Read more