How can I enter with cin while running c++ file in vs code?

In the past, I only used dev c++, but due to my personal situation, I had to use tablets as a substitute for a laptop, so I have to use github’s code space. So I’m setting it up to use vs code as a desktop at home. I’ve been looking at several posts on the Internet, and I’ve seen a clean-up post that lets me put the exe file in one folder, so it’s running really well.

int n = 9;

for(int i = 0 ; i < n ; i++){
    cout << i << ' ';

return 0;

It seems to be outputting properly to the debug console.

But the problem happens when I try to input variable value through cin.

If I put one “cin >> n;” below “int n = 9;”, I can’t input it in the terminal, and if I input it in the debug console, it says “Unable to perform this action because the process is running.” What should I do?…

I want to solve the algorithm problem of input value in vs code.

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